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AEMOT is one of Turkey's most important manufacturers of electric motors, which has become a specialist in the field of electric motors. The production of the company is in Aksaray on 28,000 m2 closed area, Electric motors from type 63 to 315 body size, between 0.12 kW - 200 kW power ratings, 2-4- 6-8-10-12 pole AC three-phase electric motors are manufactured. In line with customer demands, special electric motors with mechanical and electrical measurements as well as a wide range of standard product types are manufactured. Having TS EN 60034-1, CE, ISO 9001: 2009 Quality System Certificate and certified by the TSE AEMOT motors are used in various industries in the country. They are used in all industrial products, custom manufactured milling machines, cranes, CNC machines, air and water pumps, gearbox, burners, air conditioning systems and compressors which need action and thus address many important manufacturing and industrial sectors such as mining, marble, feed mill, textile, ventilation, wood, food packaging, heating and cooling, construction and so on. Looking back, established in 1983, started the production process through patent agreement made with Siemens company, its potential to manufacture products of high quality formed a significant ground for the company to create and expand a portfolio for AEMOT brand at home and abroad. Today, incorporating AEMOT Motors, Altuntas Group continues its activities with the AEMOT brand in full capacity. AEMOT Motors has a policy of existence in the industry policy under three main headings; * Excellent quality of product and service with trained and experienced staff * Integration with technology and innovation * Timely and accurate delivery With these features, AEMOT products are domestically within the reach of many points through authorized dealers and are exported in significant numbers to mainly in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and other European countries as well as the Middle East and African countries. AEMOT conducts production and services focused strictly on the principle of "quality and customer satisfaction" in all stages. AEMOT's principle is to be an enterprise with the qualification of "responsible industrialist". Investment in human, flexible and dynamic structure raises customer satisfaction through outstanding products and service.
To meet all expectations of our solution partners with world-class production and to increase their satisfaction with the support of our expert cadres who we work with team spirit, to realize our aims harmoniously with the institutions and persons we are related to without harming the environment and nature and to contribute to the country's economy, to keep our entrepreneurial spirit constantly dynamic by taking roles, to integrate R & D, production, sales and engineering activities and contribute to global developments in our sector.
Our company which started its activities in the year 1988 presents technology, automation and energy production and saving solutions on the areas need by the world and by our country with its 180 specialized personnel on 28.000 square meters area in total as 11.000 m2 is closed at present. ENDUSTRIYEL (Industrial) which exports 65% of its production reached totally sixty one (61) countries until today and started producing some very successful works and solutions in its own sector by means of exceeding the boundaries of our country. Our works are intensified on electricity panel, cable trays, extraction scales, automatic dampening systems, flow balancers, bagging scales and bagging systems, automatic bag fixing systems, MCC control boards, distribution boards, capacitor boards, PLC boards, piano type boards, optional custom panels with PLC software, SCADA systems, the automation applications which could be managed through internet in general. In particular, for the flour, semolina, feed and macaroni/paste factories; It produces technological and effective solutions on the subjects of • PLC and PC control systems of these boards as well as the MCC electricity boards. • PLC+PC controlled Full Automatic and multiple extraction control systems, • PLC controlled full automatic flour, bran and pulse bagging scale systems • Automatic flow balancer system • Automatic blending system • Automation systems of the flour, semolina, feed and macaroni/pasta factories In addition to this, apart from the sector solutions which are listed above, It also presents some turnkey developed technological solutions with any sector on the subjects of, • automation systems of PVC profile and pipe manufacturers • energy recycle transformation systems in the industrial plants • solar panels and inverter production • LED lighting systems • installation of solar power plants
OGS Power is a leading Power Electronic developer & manufacturer as well as operator. Our comprehensive portfolio includes Electronic Power Supplies, and Renewable Energy solutions delivered to clients worldwide. Our excellent quality solutions range includes Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) as Monoblock & Modular – Transformer-based or Transformer-less 1/1& & 3/3 Phase 1KVA to 800KVA, Power Inverters for various applications like Industrial, Home Usage, Solar etc. , Frequency Converters in different voltage parameters especially for Military and Industrial Applications from 10KVA to 800KVA, Battery Charging Rectifier 1P&3P in different voltage tolerances like 12/24/48/110/220DC 1A to 2000A, Voltage Stabilizer 1P & 3P Static and Servo Electronic controlled Automatic Voltage Stabilizers 1KVA to 3000KVA, On/Off-Grid Solar Inverters , Customized DC Power Supply , Batteries , Cabinets , Related Spare Parts as well as variety of Generators . We work with customers on both sides of the meter to reduce operating expenses, upgrade and maintain facilities, stabilize energy costs, improve occupancy comfort levels, increase energy reliability and enhance the environment.
Focused on continuous growth, AKSA MOTOR FAN company has been serving the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sector through an innovative approach for more than 25 years. Manufacturing shaded-pole and external rotor (with capacitor) AC drive motor groups and domestic and industrial fan groups, AKSA MOTOR FAN gradually raises the level of its success by adopting the “Quality and Customer Satisfaction First” principle for its every product. The company carries on to increase its production rate, level of product quality and product diversity, and aims to expand its daily manufacturing capacity to 15.000 pieces in its 20,000 m2 indoor manufacturing facilities thanks to the significant investments made for improving the technological infrastructure of the company. Performing all design, product development, manufacturing, sales, marketing and after-sales activities in-house, AKSA MOTOR FAN offers high value-added services with an exceptional sense of resolution and determination.
The company has been producing hydraulic couplings and spare parts for construction equipment with various power and sizes as well as SPUR GEAR, WORM GEAR, HELICAL GEAR, BEVEL GEAR, SPIRAL BEVEL GEAR, CHAIN WHEELS since 1975 to present. It manufactures wind turbine reducer, hydraulic power plant, turbine and mil, planet Gearboxes, concrete plant Gearboxes, Band Gearboxes, one-way lock, geared coupling, elastic coupling and every kind of gearboxes depending on customer demand. It provides services to wide range of customers in the country or abroad with its machinery of 230 machine in its indoor area of 8500 m2 and 130 qualified employees. Customer satisfaction is a subject on which we show sensitivity in the direction of principles of quality production and delivery in time.